Hello from southern Indiana

Denny L

Jun 30, 2012
Southern Indiana
I am a young guy ( 61 years old) and love to deer hunt in my home state and since retiring found some time. I am at a extreme disadvantage being 80% deaf. I think it would be great to go out west and hunt "big" game. A bear hunt is on my bucket list have to wait and see.

I have to trade most of my handguns due to arthritis in my hands. I just traded a nice 1911 for this Marlin 45/70 guide. Changed the sights to Williams and added a Leupold 2x7 scope. Hoping Indiana changes the rifle rules for 2015.

The stock cuff is my creation since retiring in May I have taken up leather work and made a couple of holsters and knife sheaths for family, not good enough to sell but they make a donation to cover my cost.


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