Greeting from southern Indiana

Denny L

Jun 30, 2012
Southern Indiana
Hello this is my first post and you will find I read a lot and post only a little. I retired from the military and spent 13 years in law enforcement before medical issues forced me to a desk. Being from Indiana and the deer hunting laws rifles just recently became very popular. I brought a couple of Handi rifles and had them converted to 357 max and 445 Super Mag (two seperate rifles) I just got a 458 Soocm upper and it remains unshot not sure if it was a good investment. Bolt action would probably been a better choice.
Hey, Denny welcome what part of southern In. I'm up around Terre Haute, have a ton of family around Princeton, Hazelton, Decker.

I can throw a rock and hit Louisville (26 miles) but have a family farm up in Orange Co. backs up to Hoosier Forest. Tons of turkey and deer but I am a terrible hunter. An eye condition and hearing loss makes my hunting trips based on luck more than skill. I love the outdoors though.
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