Hello from new mexico


Jan 6, 2015
New mexico
Hello from nm. I don't don't competition shoot but do hunt. Spend most of my free time hunting or scouting for hunting. I primarily bow hunt but have been known to rifle hunt from time and again. I do have a custom 700 6.5 creedmoor that I love pushing out to and up to 1200 yards which is the furthest I've hit. Never tried further than that. Something about plinking a dong at long ranges pumps me up especially with my reloads I created. Well that's pretty much it I don't claim to be an expert but am here to learn all I can from experienced shooters and a goal someday is to shoot some competitions. Any input on what I need to do to try my first one is greatly appreciated and I can tell you my rifle shoots much better than I do and my primary goal is hunting and anything that helps me become a better hunter is what I'm here for. Thanks.