Have LA ...What Cartridge?? Thoughts...



OK, I purchased the Rem 700 LA... I was all set to have a 338 Lapua built.. but.. ( yeah but ) I honestly like to shoot was y more than my pocket book would allow me with that cartridge.. $120+ just for the brass.. not really what I need to be doing right now..

OK I have the 308 (because EVERYONE should have one)! I have the 300WSM (because it IS the next all purpose caliber)

I have out to 1K covered even a bit further..
Is there a cartridge that will get me from 0 to maybe 1200 maybe more... that won't kill me or my wallet.

I really really like the 6.5/284...

I really don't want a wildcat but I am not opposed to it...

Just want some thoughts on this....
I got a 6.5/284 from a guy in Utah and he said that you worked up some load for it. He send me some test targets (don't think they were yours)and I tried those loads and most groups were the same as the targets in the 5's so got a load with R-22 and groups got down to the 2's and the velocity is at 2854fps. I think he said you tried some 142 with h-1000. It was a Mike Bryant rifle anyway plan on using it for some pd and hopefully antelope. I shot a 6/284 for years but the 6.5/284 is alittle bit better. If I was doing a 1k rifle I kind of thing of the 30 cal with those lvd bullets just holds up better in the wind with the 220gr mk but there again the 338 has that 250gr mk. May want to think about the 338 ultra or 338-378. I've got a 30-378 I'm going to start working up a 200gr load for got 180 gr load and it over 3400fps. At one time I swore I'd never own a rifle that took over 100 gr of powder. Well good luck to you.
Ric H
I had the same reservations about the 6.5x284 and the wildcat thing. However when I went over to Rock Creek Barrels to talk to Mike Rock about a .260 barrel he pointed out that the 6.5x284 really isn't that much of a wildcat any more. There are comercial brass, dies, and anything else needed to reload this round available from several manufacturers. Needless to say when I left Mike's place I had a 6.5x284 on order.
Good luck with your decision.
If your looking to step out to the next level that the 300WSM doesen't quite get to and you have a long action then I would say that the 338RUM or 300RUM with say a 240gr SMK in a 30"+ tube would be the way to go.

I would think that the 338 RUM with the 300gr SMK launched at near 3000fps would get you out to 1200yds easly.
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