Has anyone tried Zeiss Victory 8×26 PRF


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Sep 5, 2009
Has anyone tried Zeiss Victory 8×26 PRF? How does it compare to to Leica 1200 and Swaro at 1000+?
The Zeiss rep at the SLC Hunters Expo was bragging that Zeiss had hired the Leica engineers away from Leica to do the rangefinders for Zeiss... So does that mean they are really a Leica in Zeiss clothing...? <wink> NJS
I have one. I ranges quickly and reliably to about 1300 yrds. The BIS (Ballistic Information System) is very helpful for quick targets at variable ranges (like PDs).
I went today to Wholesale Sports (formerly Sportsman's Warehouse and did a side by side comparison in the parking lot, actually around the side. it was mid afternoon and sunny out. There were a lot of residential structers which I was ranging off mostly and they all ranged very well to just over 1K. I was also able to get a range on an excavator bucket (about elk sized) at about 1100 yds. The Swaro ranged a group of trees at 1520, and the Lieca and Zeiss wouldn't give me a reading. I think I'm getting the Swaro and I guess we'll see how it does in snow.

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I knew the Zeiss 8X26 T* PRF would not range as far as the Swaro before I bought it.

My thinking was that the Zeiss is about $100 less than the Swaro, it ranges to 1300 yrds (as stated in its literature), and I will never shoot at anything that far in any case. The Ballistic Information System (BIS) is also a useful feature.

The saved $100 will help buy other stuff I need...like a Harris Bipod, F215Ms.
Where did you buy the Zeiss? They are alot more than $100 cheaper. More like $300-$350 cheaper. The Zeiss is a excellent rangefinder.
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