Zeiss PRF mount

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    Mar 12, 2006
    Hopefully someone has had an idea to mount one as a tripod adapter wasn't built in. Possibly a picatinny rail on the bottom to connect to a picatinny ring on a scope or tripod. Any ideas?
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    Jun 4, 2014

    I know this is an old post/thread, however, I recently purchased the Zeiss PRF and was also perplexed as to how I could accurately measure long distance ranges by hand, as after about 400-500 yards, I can't seem to hold the unit still enough to be sure what I am actually ranging, especially whey ranging at a downwards angle when the ground near the animal is such that a slight shift by me could mean 40 yards difference in range.

    So... I created my own mount. It's basically a 3"x 8" piece of plastic and the female portion of an old camera made for tripod mounts. Basically, I cut a piece of plastic from an old printer paper tray, wrapped my Zeiss with aluminum foil (shiny side out), and then heated the plastic so that it could be wrapped around the unit up to the rubber angled portions on the top. I hooked the plastic so that it grabs those rubber portions on one side, then heated the plastic and formed it until I could hook the other side. (One word of caution.... the rubber on the zeiss is sensitive to heat... and there were a couple of areas on my zeiss that took a little too much! My fault entirely... but it in no way came close to burning through and just created a little cosmetic line where the plastic was pressed into the rubber too hard while hot).

    Once the plastic was shaped and cooled, I removed it from the Zeiss.

    After this, I drilled a hold for the mount to go through the plastic at the bottom for the formed plastic which would correspond to the mid-underside portion of the Zeiss and then I glued the camera mount to the plastic unit. Primed, painted with camo. It looks and works great. Now I can range out as far as the unit is capable of ranging, without my shaky hands interfering.

    The cool thing about it is that once I slide it on the unit, it fits perfectly in the protective case that came with the Zeiss PRF. It's confortable to hold with the plastic portion on, and in no way interferes with the buttons up top. When I want to get more stability, all I do is slap it on my tripod. It fits snug, but is very easy to put it on... and take it off at will.

    It was definitely worth the time. Took a couple of hours... and then paint dry time. etc.

    I wish Zeiss had just included a camera mount from the get-go, but this works great for my needs. Be happy to send/upload some pics if anyone would like to try it. It's very sweet.

    Good luck!