Has anyone tried the leupold Premier LPS?



Wondering if anyone has tried the leupold LPS? I'm about to get a leupold M1 3.5x10x40 but figured I'd look into the LPS.

Is the glass better the the other leupolds?

A few years back I had an LPS, nice scope, very clear and good definition. The elevation adjustment is a bit like the other non-turret scopes, one turn and you're on your own.

I use the M1 LR 3.5x10 now and have traded away the LPS.
As far as brightness and clarity I could not see any difference in the Varx 111 and the LPS. I have seen in last couple of years many LPS scopes for sale in The Gun List magazine. I wonder why?

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I believe the LPS series we built by Steiner, can't say for certain. I do know that they look a lot like the scopes Leica was marketing for a while.

The have a "constant" eye relief rather than the bit of adjustment required by the standard Leupolds.

As I said before, I don't have any now but one of my hunting partners really likes them.
I understood that Leupold assembled the Leica scopes that were on the market a while back, they seem to have died out. I would be surprised if Leupold let anyone else build a scope for them - glass yes but not the guts and body.
The LPS was designed to go after the big dogs, Swaro, Zeiss, S&B and it does not seem to be doing that very well. Too bad that effort wasn't put into building a 3-16x44/50 MK4 - that would sell I bet.
Ian, I couldn't agree more. Sometimes these companies can't see the forest through the trees. I never understood why they don't make a higher powered m1.
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