Harrisburg Outdoor show

I will be there at least a couple of days. Let me know when your schedule is open.
Take care-
My wife, Carol and I will be going but, I'm not sure of the date yet. It won't be on the weekend.
It starts on the 2nd of Feb. which is Saturday.

Darryl Cassel
Boyd, Primetime, and all else going to harrisburg..

Be sure to stop by and say HOWDY to my wife and I.
NE hall ( travel section ) booth 383..

I know DC is stoping by hope to see you guys to.. I'll have some chairs there for y'all to take a rest on!!!!

I take a laptop with me on the road and check it in the am and pm so give me a heads up on when to expect ya...
Just got back from Schenectady NY today and will drive back up to Harrisburg for the Show on 2 Feb and spend the evening and wander around again on the 3rd.
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