Harbor Engineering long range scope mounting system?


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Dec 21, 2001
Hi all...

This looks VERY interesting...anyone using one? They call it the SLR scope mounting system?

They have an ad on page 38 of the latest Varmint Hunter. I large micrometer externally adjusted rear base/ring setup, with the front ring rotating on a horizontal axis. They claim 0-200 mins of adjustment!
What issue # is that? The latest I have is #40, October 2001. I looked for the ad but it must be in another issue.

I am in the process of developing a similar system myself. It would be nice to get more ideas.
January 2002, with the trade center/flag thing on the cover. The ad is on page 38.

Do you have any contact info for this company? Website would be great but will settle for a phone number.


No web URL unfortunately. The # is 320-272-4564. If I weren't so lazy I'd have my scanner hooked up and I could just scan you a picture of the ad.

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