Harbor Engineering Scope mount


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Dec 21, 2001
OK, I mentioned this external, micrometer adjustment mount after I got my LAST Varmint Hunter. Got my new one, and there's that add again! But this time I have a scanner that's working! Look in the Harbor Engineering folder at:

Who will take the $750 plunge and try this sucker

I will stay with Badgers - mounts that move give me the jeebees. That exposed spring is also not very appealing - interested to hear what the real long shooters think.

How is that big 80mm working out - can you see fleas on a gnat's butt?

The Pentax is very cool. The boys at the 300M Silhouette Pig Shoot were quite impressed. I shared with the guys in the other relays and everyone was appropriately ooing and ahhing. One guy just loved cranking it up to max mag so he could see the splat on the pigs.

For no good reason I'm thinking about picking up a fixed 30X wide angle eyepiece. I took some pix, but since it's black they didn't show up that great, and it doesn't matter unless you're looking through it!

I did get a pelican style case (huge) and it looks very nice nestled in the cutout foam. I think it could fall from a Looooong ways and not get hurt.

As I said, I can't wait for you're opinion. I'll giggle if you say it's mediocre! But you MUST be honest!

There is a chance that I could compare the big Pentax against the 78ED from Nikon in June - if possible I will try. Might be splitting hairs that don't need splitting.

Will be interesting to see how well you can see bullet trace, that is probably where the big scope will do good.

I much prefer a fixed 25 or 30, particularly if you can get it in wide-angle. Nice to have as much field of view as possible when you are hunting. We just don't zoom our spotters much in the hunting field, takes a real good scope to perform well at high powers. Many pricey models don't from what I have seen.

Good luck on those steel critters.

I'm with Ian on this one. One look at that thing and I'm convinced it's not something I want on my rifles. If I had a rifle that I handled like lead crystal it might be okay, but my rifles get pretty beat around. The other problem is that as soon as I have that much elevation available I'd NEED to try it out and that would/could be very expensive.
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