handgun transport help.


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Sep 19, 2012
Spring Lake Michigan
Hey guys can anyone tell me the best way to get a handgun from Michigan to Florida. We are heading there hunting. I am driving all the guns down and others are flying. Two of the guns are handguns. There in lies my problem. I would be legal in michigan and Florida but not sure about the in between states. Or should I just FedEx to myself from here to there and avoid problems.


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Oct 27, 2012
WELL there are alot of variants to consider. Are u driving a truck-car-suv? There are different reccomeded methods for safe transportation.

If it was me and i have traveled alot with weapons thru several states.

1- i have the pistols in a locked case not accessabile from the drivers seat and the clips and or ammo in a seperate case or lockable container. If u want double insurance of no chance of getting into trouble put trigger locks on the pistol inthe the locked cases and lock the keys in the glove box.

2- If u get pulled over by a law enforcement officer be smart. I carry a concealed weapon all the time and when i am pulled over I turn my truck off and when the officer gets to the door I have both hands out the window in plain view for the officer. I state to them i have a concealed weapon and I have a permit to carry it. Unfortunately i have been pulled over quite a few times for speeding and never ever had a problem. Most officers tell me thank u when it is all said and done for letting them know i was carrying. In your case tho u are not carrying concealed they are in a locked case. I would just infrom the officer of the cases the weapons are in and there is no ammunition in the cases.

I may be wrong but unless u have a FFL I am pretty certian u cannot receive weapons in the mail.


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