Gun Completion Problem


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Mar 6, 2008
Helena, AR
I have started a build with a gunsmith. I ordered some of the parts and, he ordered some of the parts. The problem that I have is the time required to complete the gun. Long story short, a custom action was delivered in Aug. 2008. Gun was paid 95% plus in March 2009. Still have not seen the gun or been given a definite time frame. If any of the gunsmits on this site could give me any advice on the best course of action to a somewhat happy ending, I would be very grateful. I have almost gotten to the point that I am no longer interested in the project. Thanks.
Not sure how far away from the smith you are but, I'd say it time to pay a visit and ask to see what progress has been made.
I hear ya but If it were me I'd go. Rule 101-When there's no completion date or at least a target date then there is no plan. A plan is only a plan when a target date is established. That's how corporate America works of which I spent many years in. No different than planning a vacationor hunting trip...unless there's a date then is not a plan. So it really concerns me that this long since the smith has had the parts and can't give you at least a ballpark date...doesn't smell right. I'd go but it's your choice.
+1 with what chas1 said.
Although Ive never had a rifle built, Ive dealt with gunsmiths with a couple Kimber hand guns and once with a Win 30-30. Both times both gunsmiths were late, but only by a couple days on the 1 Kimber because of an unseen flaw in the extractor claw and delayed shipment of parts on the 1Winchester
Both gave me a date they hoped to have my projects completed,and came close.

As a comercial construction supt. I can tell you NO ONE I know would get away with not having a date to shoot for and a plan to get there and info/updates for thier client.
As a fellow shooter I see your hesitation on calling his cards. But Id still look him up and bring your recipts when you do incase his memory needs jogging.
Without being rude, pin him down to an aprox. date of completion and have him send you progress pics via e-mail or something to keep the fire lit.
Nobody wants things to get ugly, ESPECIALLY when your rifle is at stake, so take great care not to get ''heated'' in your discussion, but I wouldnt leave without the info you requested, OR a rcpt and refund and ALL your rifle parts.
Good luck
Winmag, makes an excellent point...keep it civil, but somewhat forceful if you have too but civil. Best of luck, keep us posted.
I feel your pain. Had the same problem, 8-10 months estimated ended up being 18 months. In the end was given refund, rifle was not to specs of build. Have started project over with a different gunsmith. Started to forget about it all together, but was something I had wanted for long time. Happy I was given a refund after all the run around and then using different items than requested. Would not have been happy no matter how well the gun might have shot.
Best of luck.
DBHUNTER may be able to shed some light on what to look out for before you take it up with your smith.
Rough luck DB, hows your new one comming? Maybe let us all in on the light at the end of the tunnell so to speak.
If it were my rifle with ''no completion date as of yet'' I think I could use all the encouragement I could get, as well as signs to lookout for. lightbulb

Im looking forward to seeing how this turns out(positive I hope)!
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