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Jun 20, 2001
I used the 130 grain HV in my 7 STW this year to kill a 180 pound mule deer. I load this bullet at 3850 fps, and my 3 shot groups average [email protected] yards. I was rushed doing load developement, so I haven't had a chance to push this bullet at extreme ranges yet. While checking my drop chart it still averaged .7 MOA at 635 yards in nasty conditions off of a bipod, from a prone position. It has a BC of .550 using the G5 drag curve. Using a G1 curve I had to bump the BC to .995 to get the chart to match the actual drop. They don't seem to foul the bore much either.
I took this deer while it was on the run quartering toward me down a steep slide heading for cover, at 412 yards. The bullet went through its chest length wise, destroyed the heart, and exited just to the left of the sternum with a nickle size exit wound. The bullet was still doing 3300 fps on impact. I will be testing the 173 grain version in my custom 300 Ultra shortly. With a BC of .650 this bullet should really be something. I should be able to push it at 3600fps+.
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