Greetings from the "right" side of Washington


New Member
Dec 3, 2014
Washington State
New member checking in from the Spokane area of Washington State. I'm a 42 year old father of two boys. Just recently decided to get into reloading and do more shooting more than the few times a year that I take the boys out to the rifle range. Anyway glad to be here and already learning a lot.

As for my shooting experiences Im former military, avid hunter but I always seem to shoot more pistols than rifles if given the chance. I have to admit my safe is full of "vanilla " you'll have trouble finding anything that isn't a Remmington 700 in a common caliber. 243,.308,.and a couple of 30.06's. At the range shooting targets the boys and I are pretty proficient out to about the 500 yd mark. Looking to learn about stretching out our effective range and possibly put together a rifle or two in time.