Got him. My WY sheep tag punched.


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Jan 15, 2010
Kane, WY
7/8+ curl, 8 1/2 years old per WY Game and Fish. Area 3.
DIY public land.
.300 Win mag, 210 gr. Berger VLDs, at 570 yards.

Very Nice !!! Good job on a once of lifetime hunt!! What a trophy you have there. Congrats.

The 210 Berger in a 300 win is an awesome round too.

Was hunting the 5th consecutive weekend.
Fortunately had the help of a good friend.
Fairly unremarkable spot, stalk, and shot.
Drastically underestimated the recovery phase. Took the shot at 5:00 PM, no chance to get to the ram before dark. Went early the next day and tried to get the horses close but the deadfall was brutal. Walked in and could not find him anywhere. Something didn't seem quite right. Was very discouraged at 1:30 PM, then remembered I took a pic from the shot site and reviewed it. We were looking on the wrong shale slide! Completely fooled both of us.
Sidehilled over to the next fold in the mountain and there he was. Quartered and caped him, backpacked one load to the horses, and barely made camp by dark. Got the rest the next day.
Took the shot from the rock outcrop in the upper right of the packing pic.
What a fantastic but demanding hunting experience in absolutely breathtaking country

Heck yeah, nice ram! How about a story to go along with the photo? See any grizz?

Lucky not to see a grizzly.
Saw 3 black bears, a sow with a cub the 2nd weekend, and a nice sized one by itself on the fourth trip. And me with no tag, ****.
62 ewes and lambs, 3 smaller rams.
4 doe muleys, 3 elk and a 30" bull moose.
That's it for 5 weekends. No wolves.
I can't believe the size of that Ram. I don't know what they eat, but they must be hearty to survive the landscape. Congrats again.
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