Finally got my sheep


Jul 18, 2005
Have went sheep hunting twice in the Brooks and been unsuccessful so I booked a trip to the NWT this summer and finally connected. On my first hunt to the Brooks I met Jimbo 300 on here. Thanks for all the positive remarks Jim, I finally got one. I got him about 30 minutes before dark.

Very nice picture and very nice trophy.
Tell us more about the hunt, and the shot, we like hearing the complete story.
I can see the left horn is broken near the tip, and it is shorter in comparison with the right one. Did it brake after the shot or it was like that before? Anyway, congrats, one of the dream trophies for me!!!
I hunted with Redstone out of Norman Wells. I was booked for a hunt that would last from Aug. 3-13. It was a great outfit to hunt with and I saw numerous sheep, caribou and a grizzly. I took a rifle built for me by Ray Romain in 270 Gibbs. It is teflon coated and built on a post-70 Winchester Featherweight with a McMillan Edge stock. All together it ways 7 1/2 pounds ready to go with the Leupold VX-III 4.5-14. I was set up to take a shot as far as 600 yards if the conditions were ok. My load was a 130 grain nosler accubond loaded to 3300fps. As it always works out after hunting from the 3rd-6th we passed up a number of sheep and my guide kept telling me we can do better and I want you to get a real big one. Well, by the 7th after another long day of hunting we spot three rams right around 10:30 PM. Two of the sheep are 3/4 curl and the other is a full curl but we can't see the other side. I say that looks awesome to me, I want him! My guide is telling me we have to look at the other side first. After a quick explanation about my two previous trips I convince him to let me shoot no matter what the other side looks like. The sheep was 305 yards away (isn't that always how it goes, plan for 600 and use a dead on hold). After over shooting the first time I connect and have my sheep. I don't believe these sheep have ever seen humans, they wouldn't run even when we approached my sheep. The time was 11:30 PM and it was just starting to get dark. We finished pictures, skinning and boneing out the sheep at 5:00 AM, of course it was sunny again. We took a short nap and spent the next day and a half hiking back to spike camp. I haven't put a tape measure on the sheep yet, but I heard 34in at the fish and wildlife in the NWT. I'm sure that is the long side. It was 9 1/2 years old and is a trophy and experience I'll never forget. Saw a nice cabibou later in the hunt but had one similar from my trip to Alaska so I passed. Still, it was a awesome trip.


Sheep and rifle
Nice ram, When I win the lottery booking a hunt will be the first thing I do!
Isn't it often the case, practice for long range, get one up close, it doesn't take anything away from the trophy though.

Very Nice Ram... Loved those Broomed Rams.. My first was Broomed and it's my favorite.. Now the question is have you met your goal..

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