Got a crow at 398yds.!!!


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Jan 31, 2003
South Eastern Oklahoma
I was at my range where I have my steel targets set up @ 300,350,400,450 and 500yds.
And my friend and I were just getting set up and ready to shoot when I noticed a crow at the 400 yard steel target. So I told my friend I was going to take him out. He chuckled and gave me one of those "yeah right". Anyways, cranked my Mark 4 up 7 moa and let the Savage and 178 gr. Amax do the rest. Needless to say he didn't even flop. And the expression on my friends face was PRICELESS.
Way to go 308! Nothing like reaching out and touching one of those little smarta$$e$. I love it when they "think" they're outta range. My longest shot on one was right at 400yds also. Took him out with a 7mm RM and 150gr NBT's. The bullet blew him into 5 pieces. There were about 4 or 5 more with him and they did know whether to s*** or git. I love shooting those birds. NC changed their status to migratory so now we aren't supposed to shoot them with rifles. Johnny K.
I have to agree with you guys about nailing those birds. I've touched them with a 7mm but never a 308. my longest kill was a crow perched on a road-kill carcass at just over 350 with my 243 and 55gr Sierra blitzking bullets. The 4.5-14X Leopold VXIII was as good for this as it is for Antelope. have fun neutralizing the crow population!!
Thanks for your comments. I hate those dang crows but I hate even worse that Oklahoma puts a season and restrictions on them. Man, we got so many crows it's crazy. This is also my first long shot kill on one. However I will be sprinkling the range with corn from now on in hopes for many more.
Nice shooting 338 Crows are my target of choise

This is one I shot at 870 Meters.

Shot of the damage of a 300g SMK at 870 Meters

Crow Mag
gotta funny crow hunting story for you. was out hunting with my little brother when we saw a crow sitting a steel fence post, and decided that at 200 yards it would be a good opertunity to see how my lil bro shoots. So he took a good rest on a log and touched off a shot from our .22 magum. He was disapointed to hear a "bing!!" as the slug hit the post under the crow, but the we saw the crow fall from the post, it had died of fright because there was no mark on it.
I know this dosn't match the 400+ yard shots you guys make but thought that i would chuck it in.

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