goose hunting on a budget?

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    Jun 1, 2013
    So I recently cut and painted some goose silohuette decoys from 1/4 in plywood. They look pretty nice however I only have about 18 of them. If anyone knows. Some good low cost ways to mske decoys please share. We will be hunting a feild with some corn stubble that thegeese have already been llandingin however I was wandering if just 18 silo decoys will be enough. Also how should I place them in the field? I also need a good duck call or two. Which one/ones should I get. I also found a box of t shot 3in 12 gauge i figured these would work pretty well for geese but i cant seem to find any more so what other loads would be good for geese. Me and a few friends are really just trying to pass some time and kill a few birds if possible but were not expecting to kill massive amounts of birds. I live in the texas panhandle and the flocks of geese fly over nearly constantly during the afternoons. Any advice yall csn give me would be much appreciated. The geese are mainly cannadian with a few snow in some of the larger flocks. Ive been thinking about buying a cheap 10 bullet speaker from walmart and playing recorded geese calls from them. Ill have to do some reading to find if this is legal.
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