Google Earth to garmin... help !


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May 27, 2012
Auburn, Ca
Usually tech savy but need to find out how to transfer my waypoints off GE to my garmin.
Please let me know if possibe
I keep reading about all these overlays, maps. Just really confused
save the waypoints from GE as a kmz file then copy them to the kmz/kml folder on the gps.
import the saved kmz files into garmins basecam and then transfer them to the gps from basecamp. The latter is preferred as you then have them on the pc for reference and the transfer is pretty easy from basecamp.
OK. Still having trouble.. I created a folder from GE. copied folder to hard disk. then dragged folder to the devise G:. I get a message stating that the file is already on the devise. waypoints are not on map. did i miss something?
Nice video. I see you had a blog on the Fishlake. I hunted a Muzzy Elk there couple years ago.
When I try to import into BC the path file that I created I get the following error message

File contains no ground overlays
You have to create the path while the path dialog box is still open, then "ok" when the path is done. Then "save places" for that new path. Otherwise GE will create a "path" with no data.
That may fix it.
It should, all you're doing is creating a path and saving it so the Garmin software can read it. Mapsource should read kml/kmz.
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