Google Earth Cost

It used to be $20 a year for the ability to download GPS data, but they did away with that and only charge for a pro version that most people don't need.
Just one more comment: for me it has been a great hunting tool, prescouting areas, distances, and general information about the area you are going. I really enjoy it.
To be honest...I should add that Google Earth has been anything but free for me. It has, in fact cost me a great deal of money. You see, when you use it, invariably you will find a great place to hunt, you think. Then, you realize, well, it's a long way to shoot from that spot to this spot and then you realize that you need a new custom gun and some training and trigger time so that can you can shoot that far, and, can see where this leads. So, no actually, Google Earth is NOT free! :D:rolleyes:
Yep, add up the cost of my DIY elk hunt last year and just my rifle/scope it cost me over $20 a pound!
Is there any GPS unit that uses google earth maps? Meaning, the same pictures that you get on your computer using google earth.
Thanks for any help.
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