Good bullet for 25-06 with 1/9 twist


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Apr 2, 2010
Bentley LA.
I just got a 1/9 twist benchmark barrel for my son's 25-06 i was looking for a 1/10 twist but got this barrel at a dang good price.Will this barrel shot 100 grn bullets?I am shooting 115 nosler BT. right now i like the the 110 grn accubonds but the barrel that is on the gun now did not like them.Gun is a older tang safety Ruger m77 varmit 25-06.Thanks guys.

ol mike

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Aug 21, 2005
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Yes no problem on the 100's -it will probably like the 110's now too.
Even the light bullets like 70-75 85's won't be a problem in any way.

A 1-9tw is what should come in all factory barrels -but it seems once factories start with something many seem to stick to it.
Look at Remington still using a 1-14tw in a 22-250...

You might try some 115 bergers in the new barrel -that twist rate will make it a lot more of a heavy bullet liking barrel and have no effect on lighter bullets to speak of.


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Feb 7, 2005
Texas born and raised
I have a 1-9 Broughton in a 25-06 AI and it has no issues with putting up to 120gr anything into 1" or so groups at 300yds. I have also run some of the 125 and 130gr Wildcats into those same type groups or smaller as well.

I doubt seriously that you will have any issues what so ever running anything you want through it. I would say however that after using the 110's for a few years in our standard 25, that I would stick with the 115's and be happy.

While the 100's are accurate and seem to do well on some shots, they just don't quite get it done as well as the 115gr Pt have consistently done over the years.

I built mine expressly to shoot the heavier bullets and probably could have gone with the 1-10 and gotten just as good of performance with it given the added velocity, but I wanted to have the added twist on this one just to see how much if any better it would run the heavier bullets out to longer range. So far on paper, I have only had it out to 400 and it does just what I wanted it to do. I am hoping that in a few weeks I will be able to stretch it out to something in the 6-800yd range to see how she does. Till then however I am happy with the results I have gotten.

Good luck with yours, and if you have any on hand you might give some Ramshot Magnum a try along with some RL-22. The 22 was/is my go to powder for the standard 25, and it has shown some good numbers with the AI version as well, but the Magnum has has been more consistently accurate in the new one.


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