Good Brass for 300 RUM

David Hunter

Sep 8, 2002
First, is there any decent brass available for the 300 RUM or the 404 Jeffery?

I was thinking of using 404 brass so I could have thicker necks then turning the necks to have uniform necks that work well in a standard chamber. I realize I must turn the head also. I am sure some of you have tried this and would like to hear your thoughts.

I am planning to rebarrel and really don't want a tight neck chamber, but I will get one if that is the best choice with the brass available.

Thanks, David


Well-Known Member
Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
I have never used any, but RWS makes 404 brass I believe. If I was set on using it, I would open the bolt face and be done with it, but in my experience with the Remington Ultra brass, it has very consistant internal capacity, even though the brass may weigh 2-4gr different.

If you chamber to a "tighter" than SAAMI neck, you still will not have to turn necks, but could if you want and still keep your brass from excessive working, that is what my father did with his 300wsm.

If you are going to turn the necks anyway, I would get the tight neck with .002" total clearance anyway, brass will last alot longer and you could realize better accuracy this way, just MHO.

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