Golden eagle attacks whitetail deer

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001

Click to see more pictures of: Golden Eagle attacks White-tailed Deer at Nachusa Grasslands!

Interesting read and great pictures. Unbelievable!!! Thanks for sharing.
The golden is an awesome bird.

Thanks to the photographer for his tenacity, patience and preparedness.

Those kinds of opportunities are infrequent.

Len, thanks for the post.

Also, that's why Elmer disliked the golden. They are/were responsible for the loss of many big horn juveniles.
I worked with a friend that moved to a newly built home in Nj, a new area of newly build homes on former farm land told him to watch out for the HAWKS when he lets his small dog out too run for the first time, sure enought as he watched several hawks started to circle his house lower and lower one even made a dive on the dog BUT missed when he through chair at it.
Same here. I have a neighbor that looks up before letting their small rug rat dog out for it's wee break.
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That's a cool sequence to have taken. I've seen a golden eagle kill an adult antalope and a couple coyotes in traps. The holes they leave in a coyote are no joke, I've skinned several with the battle scares. I've also had to release one of the buggers out of a bobcat set, that cost me a nice carhart coat and some blood!
If the fawn was smart he would hit the woods. The power of these eagles is truly amazing. Ive seen videos of them trained in Mongolia for wolf hunting landing on their heads and crushing the skull, True idk but looks cool.
A Golden Eagle killed my dog 2 years ago this April, she got a little to close to the nest and it attacked her and nocked her over a ledge.
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