Getting busted


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Feb 6, 2008
New Castle, PA
Was out new years eve and got busted. I don't know if we were seen or smelled. Do any of you guys have any advice other that leaving and not returning for a month or so once you've been busted at a particular stand. Have you ever been able to call them back after they bust you?
Im far from a dog callin pro. In fact im not good enough to be called a rookie but once i been busted callin I never had luck at that spot again that sure someone on here may have some tips to help you out better
Got busted today myself, I made a stand that didn't allow me a good shooting lane down wind, brake the rules you don't get to shoot! I saw him coming but didn't have my drops figured out for the longer shots before he got close so I let him come hoping he wouldn't come way he did but he did :rolleyes:.
If you change up your call you can get them back if you didn't take a shot on there way out.
+1 for "change up the call"

If you wait a couple of weeks and change to a different sound you can call in the same coyote again this time of year. That's not saying you will call it in, just saying you can.

Something else that can help is to be calling the same area but sit in a different location if possible, maybe just 50 or 100 yds away from where you were last time.

You mentioned that you didn't know if it saw or smelled you? Try setting up in a spot where you can see downwind of yourself or the call. That will eliminate alot of coyotes smelling you. Coyotes can also smell your tracks (where you walked in) and leave..........Ive seen it happen a few times.

Good luck and good shooting!
I'll let you know, maybe this weekend.
My bil and I went out with the full moon this weekend and he called in two packs from different directions and they got down wind of us and started to laugh. I don't know how we couldn't see them only 140 yds away but we couldn't. My bil is new to calling and sure had fun hearing them so close.
We ended up getting one this morning at a new spot along the river. He got a bigger kick out of seeing one coming down the ice looking for a meal. ;-) I do believe he's hooked.
Thanks for the help fellas! We'll give that spot some time to forget us and give it a go again with some Grunt, snort, wheezes and from a new location!
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