G'day to all (new member)


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Jun 25, 2003
Aussie in Italy
G\'day to all (new member)

Hello all,
this is my first post here, I'll be asking a lot of questions about this form of hunting as I'm am going about building(hopefully) a decent long range rig.

Currently I use a 6PPC for small and medium game, out to 300m I am very confident so I want to move up a step.

Initially I was thinking about a .300RUM but have decided to go for a .308win.

I'm into Sako, and for where I live (Italy) they are the best barrel/action/trigger/stock you can get out of the box in my opinion.
My 6PPC is a Sako varminter and will shoot in the .2's.

On this one I am planning on making it a custom rig, if I can get around all the beurocraps.

Mcmillan A-2 or A-4 stock, Sako M591 action and shilen barrel look like the final choices.

If not, I'll see if I can get the 75 varminter action to fit the McMillan stock and be happy with a factory barrel.

Nightforce NF 8-32x56 on top, not the NXS as I don't like the 1/4MOA clicks and don't need the adj obj on the turret for an extra $400.

SO, what do you think?
Re: G\'day to all (new member)

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:</font><HR>On this one I am planning on making it a custom rig, if I can get around all the beurocraps. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Welcome to the board, Express! What kind of crap ya gota deal with over there?

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Re: G\'day to all (new member)


If you are building a 308, I take it Italy has changed its laws about civilians possessing war calibers? When I served there with the 509th Airborne in Vicenza years ago, it was against the law to have for a civilian to have a 308, 223, 9mm or 45 without special approval.

With the 308, you might find the 5-22 NF a better match.

Re: G\'day to all (new member)

The problems with building a rifle here are principaly two;

The "Banco Nazionale di Prova" and the "Catalogo Nazionale delle Armi"

The first is essantailly a testing facility that must give the ok on ANY mod performed on a firearm that does not alter it's original form. Be it something as simple as threading for a brake, (which should actually go throught the Catalogo too, but they close a blind eye on that one)

If you do so much as change barrel length, profile or type, action, mag capacity etc. it must be re-entered into the national catalog as if it were a "new" weapon.

In order to be cataloged first it must pass the testing bank, then the descision is made to accept it on the catalog.

The process can take several years. It's usually about a year for a commercialy made firearm. We still don't have the .17HMR nor have the WSSM's even been heard of here yet.

Maybe by Christmas we will have the .17HMR, I doubt it.

I will not alter the rifle's original form so as not to have to enter it to the catalog, but it will have to go through the testing bank.

That's why I need to start with something that is very close to what I want to end up with.

I couldn't tell you when the ban on military cartridges was lifted here, I think they still enforce in in France, maybe Spain too.

I'm still not sure on how I'll go about this project. If I can fit a Sako M75 action into the McMillan stock I will just buy the Varminter and be done with it.

Otherwise I'll start with the action(which is considered to be a firearm in itself) then add the barrel(must conform to one of the cataloged models that action is found on) then the stock(no problems there)

I hope it all works out, if not I can always just buy the factory rifle and accurize...
Re: G\'day to all (new member)

Here in Rep. of Ireland the law states that you may have rifle calibres up to .270 inch for target and hunting, but the police enforece an unofficial ban on the .223 Rem , 5.56 Nato and for some strange reason the .222 Rem. They enforce this ban by refusing to issue firearms licences for these firarms even though they have no right to.


Re: G\'day to all (new member)


Why not just go to the Remington Sendaro in 308, 270 Win, 7mm Rem Mag, 300 Win Mag, 300 Weatherby. If the Winchester Short Mags get approved, then go to the Win Coyote in 270WSM, 7WSM or 300 WSM. Either way, US $ cost is $700 or less, bed the action, recrown and trigger work for under $200 and no visible or testable modifications.

SWFA has the TASCO Navy Seal super snipers scopes again now for $299 or $399 and those are mil dot and hell of a scope for the money. Never heard of a bad one, originally sold for $900. They come in a fixed 10, 16 and 20X. They will work great for what you are trying to do and put the other $ into bullets and shooting.

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...You might be right about the Remington Bounty.
Much easier to get parts for, the stock will fit, with some work it should shoot ok...

Just a question of personal taste with Remington, I don't like them.

I have had 2, one was an autolaoder the other is a model seven .222 which I can't can't get to shoot better than 2 inches @ 100m.

Also a friend who is a bit of a guru to me, an ex-sniper, has a Sendero in 7mmRM which he can't get to shoot acceptably well.
I have seen a lot of 700 Police traded in for Sako varminters too.

Plus Remington are not so cheap here, a Sako varminter only cost 100euro more.
The Sendero goes for 1526Euro here

I will speak to Border barrels in Scotland and see if they can send me a barrel, it might be easier to get one from an EU country as far as customs are concerned.

Otherwise Bruno shooters supplies has Shilen barrels, they should be able to just ship me a blank with no trouble.

The trouble startes once the barrel has been chambered.
You need to explain how you got a barrel that has no serial number, then it can really get complicated.
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Take the Sako varminter and just pillar bed it. No need to go to another stock actually. It will do what you want but be wood stock.

Border barrels are very good and if they are cheaper and more easily obtainable, I would not hesitate to go with them.

The Reminton Sendoro guns particularily in magnums are prone to shifting in the bedding blocks unless skim bedded. Easy to true up the rcver, pin a heavy recoil lug and lap lugs for under $200 (again no visible work), recrown (reblue crown) and most will shoot 3/4" or better with a little work. Put a Holland oversize and lightened firing pin system in it ($60) and try it.

Agree on the Rem autos they were noted for shooting nice "patterns" instead of groups and zero reliability. Rem also likes to put forend pressure points on the Model 7 and Mtn Rifles, if taken out and bedded they normally do much better. Particularily in the wet european environment.

Good luck

where are you at in Italy? You are crazy if you do not go to the Beretta factory in Brescia and get a couple custom made Berettas to bring back with you. When I was there, they would do that for really low price.

Re: G\'day to all (new member)

I live in Italy, and most likely will do for some years yet.

Unfortunatly I don't have much desire to get myself a high class 12ga, I havn't fired a 12ga for over a year.(maybe 2?)

You are also right that I couldn't go wrong with the 75 pillar bedded and the cleaned up for a little extra accuracy.
I just REALLY NEED the McMillan stock

I need to find out if the McMillan stock, once inletted locally by hand will accept the M75 action, it might be too deep or shallow leaving part of the action sticking out or out of sight in the wall of the stock.

If it will house the action I I won't bother going any further. If not, I need to build my own rifle, which as much as I know I will regret it once the problems start, is really a very cool idea, putting together my own rifle...

I already have a 75 varminter in 6PPc that has been pillar bedded, the trigger worked, just some basic stuff and it will shoot .2MOA on a good day.
I guess I was lucky in getting a particularly good barrel and chamber?
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Welcome to the "Best" long range hunting forum there is.

There are many fine people on this forum that can and will help out wherever they can. I sure enjoy being a guest here. I have had the opportunity to meet some of the people off this forum and even shot and hunted with several.

Just one word of warning, take it easy on my "Junky" Remingtons

I recently had the opportunity to check out a Sako rifle, closely. My next long range rig will more then likely wear a sako action. All I have to do is figure out how to change the safety knob to that of a Remington.

Re: G\'day to all (new member)

Welcome Express..............Wow!! Italy makes it tough to own a rifle and customize it.............Hope that never happens here.
Re: G\'day to all (new member)

Enough with your plans for a new rig . . . you've clearly got it all covered! I'm dying to hear about what it is you're gonna be hunting in Italy! Also, could you get such a rifle into any North African nations from Italy? If so, what about game therein? Aoudad, for instance, would be available to you in Morocco if you could get your rifle in there. We have these beasts here in Texas now and they're pretty coveted game animals seein' as how they're more elusive than whitetail.

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