GA Precision build


Dec 4, 2009
Portland, OR
Hi all. Im new to the forum and was just curious if anyone has owned a GA Precision rifle. Im looking into buying one and would like to know how people like them. I am going with a Templar action .308.

In addition I am also looking for some suggestions on glass. I have always used Leoupold but am looking to switch it up a lil. If anyone has suggestions on a better product please let me know. Thanks for any input.
George builds nice rifles and is good people. You can't go wrong there. Optics is a lot of personal choice. There are a lot of good ones out there if you want to spend the money. Leupold Mark4, Nightforce, USO.
Thanks alot. I am looking at a MK4. Trying to keep it in the range of 1200 dollars. I guess my question should have been for any suggestions in that price range.
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