Form brass for 7mm Rem. Mag. from 338 Win Mag

Michael G.

New Member
Aug 17, 2001
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated for this task. I have run the Norma .338 Win Mag brass into my Redding FL sizing die without the expander button. I then ran the case necks over my neck turning expander mandrel. I loaded them up with a fireforming load that's 2 grains under what I believe should be the maximum. After fireforming the cases I plan to neck turn the cases. I did not turn them first because I do not own or have access to, a .338 turning mandrel. I seated the bullets out and "into" the lands for a good tight fit. My reason for going to all of this trouble...I wanted some cases with thicker necks. Norma 7 mag cases give me a loaded round neck diameter of .3125 and this process should INCREASE the diameter by .002 putting me within .002" of my chamber diameter. Anyone on this board ever done this proceedure? Thanks for any help.

Dave King

Well-Known Member
May 3, 2001
Welcome to Long Range Hunting!!

I've never done this 'thicker case neck' procedure on purpose but I'd imagine I've done it without knowing!

Sounds like a backward 'tight neck' scheme, should work I guess. Make sure there's enough room for the neck to let go of the bullet and you're set, I'd guess.

Let us know how it goes.

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