Fluted bolt for Savage/Stevens

John-Pure Precision

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Feb 2, 2009
Grand Junction Colorado
Do any of you guys know of a good gunsmith that will flute a Savage bolt? Or do you know anybody that has one allready fluted. I have a 300 win mag and I am trying to skinny the fat girl up. I know I could go short action but why change a good thing. Any advice would be great thanks guys
I have a 4 axis CNC mill more than capable of doing this work and three months ago I bought a $600 dollar insert cutter just for this purpose.
The Savage action is not the first choice for a lite action...Heck even the Stevens will go 6½lbs without scope for the short action and very light tupperware.
Freds SSS flutes are almost more cosmetic than funtion as he only has a 3 ax They look great though and will not double the cost of an action.
There's nothin wrong with Chad's work. I haven't had him do any for me but I have seen plenty of pics. You won't go wrong working with him.
Hey Chad,

I know this is a pretty old post, but are you still able to flute a savage bolt? I recently purchased the 110BA .338LM and I'm looking to find someone that can make that happen. Thanks for your time.
Yall are resurrecting the dead with this one. Chad no longer works on anything Savage for any purpose.
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