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Mar 20, 2004
holmes county FL
The season started thanksgiving and i found my self looking over one of our corn fields. I had my m700 .308 in one of our shooting and made a good shot on an 8 pointer at 290 yds i know ya'll don't consider that long range but in my part of florida that is a pretty long shot. The deer ran about 200 yds and just piled up a good 8 point considering it was one of these small florida bucks. Can't figure out how to post pics. yet but they will come. Great opening day hunt.


Yes... That is a long shot for Florida...

I'm in the Tallahassee area... Where are you?

Congrats on a good hunt but I'm a bit curious, was that buck "pumped up", startled or running before you shot??? 200 yards after the shot seems a long way for a deer shot at 290 yards. Where'd you hit him?? My experience is that they drop pretty quick if unaware of the hunter(s). Just want to get a little more info for future hunts.
I am from holmes county not sure if you know were that is but a little town called bonifay. The deer came running out of the woods stop for a moment that is when i shot hit him broadsided a little farther back than i would have hoped i kinda rushed the shot if fear he would start running again.

I figured he must have been in a little hurry before you shot him...they usually don't go so far if they're not spooked or in a rush before the shot.
Just returned to being a full-time N. Carolinian after 35+ years in Florida myself! Took two years to give away a spot just off of the Suwannee but the new owner is a hunter too. I had groomed 36 acres of an awesome bottomland backed up by a non-hunting Water Management area, stands everywhere, foodplots, feeders, etc. Turned it into my own private hunting preserve, kinda miss it...but I've got the hardwoods and beanfields of Coastal Carolina now!
I used a 7STW on hogs at that place, especially in the cool season when you can look out through the timber a little easier.
There are alot of landowners that welcome hog hunters in North Florida, they've become one heckofa problem. I have a old neighbor there that traps'em, cleans them out with good groceries and then turns them back into groceries!
Just be careful where you hit'em! I got into one helluva footrace with an old boar(356lbs) who took a 50 sabot and still ran me around a brushpile for a couple on minutes before I could get a killing shot on him! Then I sat down and shook like a little girl!

Pick a spot...a little spot...squeeze....
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