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Oct 27, 2012
Hi all

I just pulled the trigger and ordered a Sendero 300 RUM. I have been a Weatherby man for years i own several but my primary two hunting ones are both Mark V ultralights one in 257 and one in 300. I have only ever ran Leupolds on them to but the new RUM will be wearing a Huskemaw. I did some reasearching on the 300 RUM. I like the not quite complete custom. I am a mill wright by trade and am very expierenced on mills lathes wire edm both manual and CNC. I can take care of the trigger on the RUM but i hesitate on the brake. I am still undecided on the muzzle brake which ever one i go with i will build the cap for it myself after the brake is installed. I am a reloader to so i am looking forward to working up loads. The thing i am not is a long range shooter compared to what i have read on here. I did kill a antelope in montana a few years ago at 598 yds with my 257 Wtby. All the deer i have killed so far have all been under the 400yd mark but i want a big mulie here in WA up high and from where i was this year hunting a 1000yd rifle (and me being able to be confident shooting it) could have paid off. I walked away from a big mulie at dusk at about 800 yds there was no way i could get within range before to dark to shoot and the next morning the mountian was coverd in fog so no mulie for me this year but hopefully this RUM will help next year. I still have late season but no mulies inthe area i hunt are open so whitetail in the farmland here i come. Any way to quit rambling I have described what i am getting for a rifle and scope my big question is which one of the brakes out there would you guys reccomend for my ultramag? Thanks i will have picks up next thursaday when my rifle gets here....
I would call Ross Schuller. He sells an outstanding high efficiency brake for a steal of a price...$40-50. Can not recommend them enough. I have several but the most relevant to this discussion is on a 338 edge= 89.0 grains of gupowder under a 300 grain bullet and it has squat for recoil.

I mounted one of my leupolds as my huskemaw was not in yet. I took it to the range to do break in with a box of FACTORY remington ammo. I made sure the gun was clean to start with and loaded the first round I was only shooting at 50 yds since the scope was only bore sighted and i needed break in rounds. I closed the bolt and got behind it and fired. I went to open the chamber the bolt raised and WILL NOT PULL TO THE REAR AT ALL i mean it wont budge. So after dicking with it for 15 min at the range i came home and used a cleaning rod to try to drive out the empty brass. I got the bolt to the rear but the empty brass was stuck in the chamber. Well after i drove the primer out i pour PB blaster down the barrel I used a wood dowel and swedged the barrel in my vice with aluminum jaws in the vice. I BROKE the back of the empty case off but over 3/4 of the empty brass is stuck in the chamber. I called a few gun smith buddies and they said they have seen them stuck but never to this degree. I called customer service and the tech i talked to said i had obviously put over pressure laoded shells into the gun. THERE IS ONE SHELL MISSING OUT OF THE BOX OF 100% FACTORY REMINGTON AMMUNITION. Is this what i am going to deal with when dealing with Remington? My buddies the gun smiths said to send it back so i guess that is what i will do. Have any of u ever seen this happen? Needless to say I am NOT HAPPY at all. Thanks for any advice u can give me.
Sorry to hear that!! I bought a Brand new REMINGTON in 375 H&H and had the same dilemna. Sent it to the nearest REMINGTON repair shopand they were in Washington, then they sent it to BROWNING by mistake,finally it made it to REMINGTON on the East coast. 2 months later i recieved my 375 H&H
. It was a crazy ordeal,was not happy at all. Love remingtons,never had issues before but their WARRANTY WORK PROGRAM SUCKS***!!! Sorry for your dilemna.
I just talked to a buddy of mine on the east coast and he said the same thing about thier warranty program and how much it sucks GRRRRR.

You know hindsight is 20/20 i debated a while about buying the RUM, I was going to build a rifle. I am having buyers remorse now i think. I wonder how often people have these problems. I have several 700's and have never had a problem before now.

You know it was funny i am a mill wright by trade and i considered making a puller to screw into the primer pocket but i wanted to get it out without screwing up the brass to much well that idea went out the window and now i have 3/4s of a 300 Ultra Mag brass stuck in the chamber and there is no getting it out. Well i could get it out but i am afraid to screw up the chamber not that is isnt already i just want Remington to fix there mistake. The part that made me the maddest was their tech telling me the only way that it could have happened was if i over pressurized the cartridge. REALLY I am not the most patient (just ask the wife). I held my tongue but i wanted to tell him he was not talking to a **** idiot.

I will be on the phone to Remington tomorrow so we will see what happens
Well the kicker is my father inlaw was with at the range and we took it back to his shop and we broke out the HAWKEYE borescope and came to the conclusion that the headspacing was the problem.Would have been nice to have him just fix it, but went the warranty way and was just really upset about the way Remington's warranty process went. I now have my father inlaw building my 300RUM, was gonna buy the SENDERO but he talked me into having him build me one.Pretty good deal I buy all the parts and he puts it together for me.(No labor charges).. the warranty place I went through is Allison and Carey in PORTLAND I believe.( Closest one to Alaska) heres there number if intersted1-503-256-5166. Sorry to hear this happen to someone else than me.Make sure you do the warranty paper through REMINGTON. Sounds like the same problem I had.
That is who remington sent me to today. I will send it out tomorrow and pray it doesnt take two months. My work goes in waves and now is a low time till about Jan then it really picks up i end up working 20 or more overtime hours each week till about Jun-Jul time frame. I was hoping to get the rifle going in the next couple of months so i can shoot when i have time during the busy time of my work. We will see.

Thanks for the number hope your new gun turns out great.
A friend of mine just bought a 7mm mag. Sendero. His first time shooting it he had similar problems. He could not get the round out at first either. His seems like an extractor issue. Once he got the spent round out with a cleaning rod he cleaned it very good and the round would come out just not eject. I am wondering if with the RUM and a higher chamber pressure and more surface area it got jammed in there worse then his.
Well hopefully it works out for ya. You'll probably get it done faster than us Alaskans, being some far away from lower 48. My guess is its a headspace issue, but I could be wrong. Good luck!!!!
No problem, I hope it all works out. Enjoy that new caliber when you get it back,its a screamer.( not has fast has the 30-378 but still fast). I'll post some pictures when the rifle is done. Have a good one.
well why i am sulking about waiting for my sendero to get back late season opened here today and i have a just turned 13 yr old daughter who i just bought a Howa 1500 .243 youth/adult combo for on her birthday the end of Sept. I put a 4X12 Leupold on it for her. It shot surprisingly very well easily under a inch at 100. Anyway late season opened today and she shot a nice fat 5x4 whitetalu buck this morning and she was so pumped. It is contagious I was just as excited as her. I didnt take a gun today as i told myself if i did and we saw a big whitetail i would have shot it. It was funny it snowed the last couple of days and it was cold this morning we saw a few bucks before she shot the one she did. She passed on a smaller 4x4 i thought for sure she would shoot. She shot the one she picked out this morning at 160 yds and when i gutted it for her the heart was in several pieces. Needless to say she was happy and i was one proud daddy. She shoots my 257 WTBY a good bit to and she shoots it way better then her older sister and mom for sure... BTW she is the one in my signature picture that was her at 10 yrs old with her first whitetail she shot with my .44 carbine.

When i get the sendero back i will put up some pics of it.
Sweet, very nice buck for the young girl!! Dad's gotta remember to let them have some fun too. Well gonna be awhile till my rifles done, but she is I'll post some pictures. I'll talk to ya later,tell me what happens with the Sendero, little curious on what they say was the problem.
I'm just waiting for my action now. So did Remy ever get ya squared away on your Sendero? I'm itching to start my custom but the most important part not here yet( driving me crazy).. Also gonna try something new, my father I law did some research and is gonna order a new reamer for me to try out. It's a 300 RUM match reamer, so now I got to wait a little longer, should increase the accuracy. Well figured I'd put a bug in your ear about your Sendero.
Well i am bad i ended up with a second 300 RUM Sendero. I had a buddy at work whos in law got one and didnt like it he said it kicks to much. So i bought that one to. I am going to end up converting one to a 7 MM STW or something my little hunting buddy (aka 13yo daughter) can shoot as well. I havent heard back from Remington but i havent checked either. My daughter and i started hunting coyotes and have been having a blast. Heck today is Christmas and we shot two this afternoon she smoked a big male at about 225yds of so with her little howa 243. We have taken 20 coyotes so far this winter. I have this thinking i am getting 20 bucks a dog and he comes and picks them up. So i have saved every cent i think i am going to let coyotes pay for my scope and brake for my sendero :)
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