First geese with new mossberg 935


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Jun 1, 2004
Worland, Wyoming
Well, finally got a chance to go goose hunting and test my new mossberg 935 shotgun. My friend had a good field picked out and we went out at about 8:00 and set up a decoy spread. Geese were flying in before we got all set up and most of them landed in the next field over about 500 yards away. After noticing that some of the birds coming in wouldn't commit, we changed our set up. The next few flocks came right in on us, but threw us a bit of a curve, because they circled before committing. We managed to knock down 4 honkers.

My first impressions of the 935 are very good even for a lefty shooting a rh gun. I did have a slight issue with several round not completely feeding into the chamber. After examining the bolt for a little bit, I determined that there was a portion of the stroke that felt a tad bit tight. I went back to the truck and looked for a can of spray lube, but didn't find any, so I settled for a couple drops of engine oil and coated the bolt and slide with a light film and then wiped off the excess. The action worked flawless after that and I should note that I was only shooting 31/2 inch shells. I never even noticed the spent casings being ejected in front of my eyes.
Congrats on a good hunt.

I miss duck and goose hunting have not done it for some years...this makes me think I should get back into this it was allot of fun
Last year was the first time in over 30 years that I hunted waterfowl, and it can be fun and we have lots of open hunting areas that make it even better. Now to see if I like the taste of smoked goose, the breasts are sitting in the brine waiting to go into the smoker.
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