First Archery Kill


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Sep 22, 2009
South Dakota
I started bow hunting last season and had a 4x4 walk under my stand in the first 20 minutes of opening day and I didnt take a shot. Never had another chance the whole year. This year I was determined to take something down. It ended up being a doe. Oh well, it was a RUSH for my first archery take.

62m spot and stalk on the grass flats of western South Dakota just before dark as she was coming out of the pines to head 2 miles south to corn fields.

125gr Striker Magnums punched through a rib on the front side, and out the shoulder on the 2nd side leaving a huge splatter of blood in the grass next around arrow. getting to watch the luminoc fly like a lazer or slo motion bullet that far was the coolest thing i have done hunting so far. She was looking at me the whole time, but didnt even wiggle as it came flying in.

She went about 20m, on a bewildered bounce...antother 10 walking, and about 5 more meters real wobbly before she did the *** over tea kettle backwards in a crappie flop. Dead before I even got up to her.

Lucky for me...I sill have a buck tag to fill...unlucky for me, it's rifle season now so they are a bit harder to come by and wont be standing around so much...but at least I have a buck and 2 doe tags to fill with my AR.243WSSM as well

pardon the ****** pics. I didnt have my digital camera with me, it was 3 miles away back at the truck and it was already getting dark. Had to use the camera phone.




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Dec 8, 2009
Congrats, reminds me when I was a kid and got one with my dads long bow:) Kill it and grill it , as Uncle Ted would say:D
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