Finally!! My New Rig


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May 11, 2010
I just finished my new Long Range Rifle.
It´s a .338 EDGE built out of this:

Action: Trued Rem 700
Bolt: .700" PTG with M-16 extractor and EGW bolt knob
Barrel: Barlein 5r @ 30.5" 9.5 twist
Stock: Manners T4
PTG oberndorff aluminum floor plate (very disappointed).
Wyatt's Outdoors Center Feed Extended Magazine Box (awesome).
Trigger: Jewel Trigger @ 3/4 lb
Muzzle Break: 4 port muscle break
Picatinny: EGW HD 20 MOA rail (already ordered a 30 MOA seekins for an upgrade).
Rings: Vortex/Seekins Precision matched 35mm
Scope: Vortex Razor HD 5-20X50 10 Mrad per rev.
Acc: Atlas front picatinny
Finish: Graphite Black CERAKOTE.

Just went to the range to test it and those were the first 4 shots out that tube!! I believe there´s some potential there. Maybe a longer COL. or a little more powder. I was running the same bullets out of my previous EDGE with 92gr H1000 and started this one with 90gr.
Maybe 20-30 more shots and load development must start. For now I just want the barrel to break in.
I had to guess the MV because accidentally I put a bullet through my crony 3 months ago so I figured if my 26" EDGE was giving me 2680FPS maybe 2750fps was going to be very close for the 30" tube, and it was. Zeroed @ 100m and then went directly to 500m perfect elevation but had to correct 0.2 mil for wind, 600m dead center and 800m dead center.
Very happy with the results.

I´m very disappointed with the floorplate because it opens every time I fire!!! It´s useless. I read oberndorff style floorplates were sturdier than rem 700 factory style but not in this case, my previous EDGE had the original floorplate and never gave me any trouble. The magazine box is great. It allows you to seat the bullets far far out, max COL is 4.00"

I´m including a pic with its little brother in 7mm rem mag.


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Oct 20, 2011
My 300 WIn Mag did the same thing with the PTG Obendorf floor plate. With mine the Mcmillan game scout wouldn't allow it to "click" or snap shut. I just needed to do a little stock work and now it works great. Mine sounded liked it "clicked" when closing; but actually wasn't going far enough to lock itself. Hopefully that's your problem to. It was a easy fix for me. And yes it is very FRUSTRATING when it opens every time you shoot.