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    Sep 12, 2013
    Im not sure if the forum remembers my struggle with choosing between the .280 rem and the classic 30-06 for this mid range hunting rifle build, but I finally made my trip to the range with this rifle last weekend.

    I tried to keep expectations realistic while shooting this rifle for the first time. I haven't developed a load for it yet. Heck I don't have empty brass for it yet, so it was a couple boxes of factory ammo for this trip. If nothing else but to get the scope zeroed, and to accumulate some brass for load work.

    First shot down the pipe was 1 inch low, and 6 inches right. Not to bad. Four clicks up, and twenty four clicks left brought the POI right in. I shot a five shot group next waiting 3 minutes between shots. First three shots were nice and tight for factory stuff. .750ish, last two shots opend the group up to 1.127..still not to bad. I could have stopped at three shots and claimed a sub MOA group, but honestly I don't feel that representative enough. Ammo used BTW was Winchester 150 grain Power Max Bonded ammo. Group was still half an inch right so two more clicks left had me dead center.

    I shot two more five shot groups. Second group was 1.133....Third group was 1.122.. I comfortably feel with this ammo, I'm getting 1.125 center to center groups. I have two boxes of Winchester Suprem 168 grain Silver Tips, but I didn't think to take them, so until next time, I don't know if they would have shot better or worse. The fun is in finding out.

    I have two pounds of H-4350 that needs burning, so I'm thinking 165 grain SGK over 58 grains of the 4350 lit with fed 210 primers might yield happy times. Will keep you guys posted on how it goes. So far she seems like she wants to shoot!