Finally got to shoot my 6.5X284!!!


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Nov 21, 2002
Finally, I got to shoot my 6.5X284, McMillan, 28" Hart #7 contour barrel, 8.5-25X50LRM1 Leupold, badger bases and bolt knob built by Chris Matthews.

All I have to say is wow!!!

Chris you are da' MAN!!!

I shot the 142SMK and 140A-Max with H1000 and 4831SC. I shot 12 of each with different powder charges varying half a grain each 3 shots.

I would like to post the 3 shot moa, but I am unsure of how to do this. So, how do you actually measure a 3 shot group, do you measure the 2 that are the farthest apart? Average all 3? Someone please explain this.

I know that I had several three shot groups that were touching and in a triangle shape, another that pinholed with the other bullet touching just to the left, and the worst was what I would consider a 3/4" group.

Chris what did you tell me should be max charge on this gun, say using H1000 or 4831SC, I also bought some VVT160 and am curious how that will work.

Good job on the gun Chris, top notch work buddy, can't wait to get you started on the next!!
Got Pics???? Post pics of the puppy!!

to measure groups you need to take the farthest measurment outside to outside of the bullet hole and then subract the bullet dia. ( .264)

Yeah, the man can build 'em can't he!!

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Thanks for the answer Ric, that makes the groups even more impressive!!
I have pics but have to figure out how to post them.
try 48gn of that n160

Waiting on Ric to post them for me, I wished I would have taken pics of the groups also. Hopefully I will be able to shoot again this weekend and post the groups from that shoot
. I will also try the 48.0 grain of the N160 and see how that works, is that a max load for you?
Thanks Ric, when things slow down again I will take the time to learn to post pics-may need your assistance.
I also just received my 300 WIN.Mag. that Chris built, only one word SSSSSweet. Only got to shoot about 15 rounds and the best 3 round group was in the 2's......thanks Chris
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