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Sam In Va

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Dec 14, 2002
Central Va.
What kind of field table do you guys use. I've got a round one with a rotating top that works, but I'm having a heck of a time getting the wiggle outta the base where the legs attach to the base 3/4" plywood. I'm using 4 legs 1.25" threaded pipe hooked to floor flanges bolted at an angle to the under side. I can't seem to get rid of the wiggle, when looking thru the scope just leaning on the table makes the x-hair move off the target.
P.S. I don't have $500.00 for a BR Pivot either...LOL. Thanks, Sam in Va
I just use a four leg, non moveing table. The legs are adjustable, and the ends are spiked. So far I've got an 1100 yard rock chuck kill off this platform.

is it home made? Where did you find the adjustable legs. It must be stable!!! Good shootin' on that long target!! Thanks, Sam in Va.
I would think that your motion is due to your rotating table top. Go for a fixed one and put some spikes in the ends of your legs. If needed re-enforce the bottom of the table w/ 2X4's. You may not be able to pivot any more but hey move your chair

You might need a "X" bracket on two (2) side to stop the legs from racking if that's what's happening.

Dave had it right. Build two 1/4" thick plates and weld your leg mountings to them. That will strengthen and stabilize the table tremendously.

We use similar tables for 1k matches at quantico. come up 7-8 Aug and look at them.

Thanks Bountyhunter and Dave, I'm sure that will take care of the flex. I sorta thought of that, trying to consider weight also. Probably no compromise.... either heavy and NO rocking or flex/ or lighter and More flex.Hmmmm. Happy medium? Sam

A guy (Karl Young) in the VA 1k club is building the "cats meow" of portable shooting benches. It has adjustable legs and swivel top on delrin rollers (cost $250) I got one and love it.

If anyone is interested and going to be at the IBS 1000 yard Nationals in Ohio Labor day weekend, he is taking 4-5 to sell there.

He will not ship to anyone, you have to pick it up at a VA match or at the Nationals.

Hey Bounty Hunter, do you have way to get in contact with Karl Young? I live 1 hour west of Richmond and could maybe go see him to pick one up. Thanks, Sam

samandbarbara AT att DOT net
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