Federal Trophy Copper with Sako 85

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    Sep 30, 2011
    Hello All...very much appreciate all this sight has offered me so just taking a minute to give back on a particular round that does not have much feedback...

    I had the opportunity to sight, use and take down a cow moose last October with this round...very impressed...In advance I was keen on this particular round/rifle combination and the caliber when I did my research in to what would work best for what we hunt, where and when...It is just the latest of many rifle, caliber and round combinations including service so I am fortunate to apply the skills on going

    I tried 5 different factory loads with my new Sako 85 finnlight stainless stalker .300 win mag with Nikon Tactical scope (sale courtesy of Mr. Backus himself)..(3 were federal, 1 Hornady, 1 Winchester)

    by far the quickest and most consistent to sight was the Federal Trophy Copper...3 shots in 1.5" @ 200 yards...works for me (I would gladly advise on my experiences with the other rounds if anyone is interested)

    Shot at moose was 250-260 yards (sighted after the fact with range finder when others arrived...I sighted it at 240 by eye..Nikoplex reticle does not allow "mil-dot" ranging)

    the entry wound was 1" diameter, competely through a rib...exit wound was 3" completely through a second rib....the heart was completely obliterated and the lungs looked like they had been drilled through with a spade bit....I have never seen such combination of effective, potent and accurate damage with minimal meat damage and no shrapnel anywhere....there is a strong case for "solid" copper bullets!

    the moose slightly jolted..took 3 to four slow steps after the shot in what appeared a little arc while scoping her for a second shot and dropped...done

    I have no doubts what so ever to take this factory round to 400 yards...with some more bench time I believe I would venture to 600 if the consistency proves true at that distance...point of aim with hold over was the exact point of impact...

    like all relationships, the members have to get along to be succesful and I believe the combination of Sako 85 finnlight with Federal Trophy Copper ammunition is a great instant pairing for those who do not hand load.

    Good luck

    Oh, as for the rifle...truly a great piece of equipment and obvious quality...silk smooth action...trigger is second to none for "out of box" feel and performance

    it is a great trekking rifle that is light, well balanced and great to handle in cold and wet weather and does not feel "brittle" when the temperature drops quick...instills a lot of confidence when preparing to fire from stone cold in the field.

    the Nikon Tactical Scope 2.5-10 is an equally exceptional piece of optics...very pleased and impressed