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Sep 22, 2007
Ogden, Utah
I was just wondering if those of you that would know would offer me some help on how to get a federal firearm license? I have no Idea where to start and have been thinking very heavially about obtaining one. Any help would be greatly apreciated.
Sure. Start with 411 or go online and look up where your nearest regional office is.

Then call and ask for the phone number for obtaining the application, fingerprint cards, and the little tutorial thingy they provide for getting the admin stuff out the way.

A few pointers:

You will only get enough forms to get the job done. Fill it out on paper first and if you have questions, call the BATF directly and/or locate an FFL holder near you for guidance.

Fingerprint cards. More and more police depts are going with the Motorola type electronic machines. The formatting can vary a bit from what the FBI wants to see. Include a supplemental letter explaining why you had to do it this way and you'll be fine.

From there get everything filled out, paid, and mailed and then sit and wait. You'll be contacted within a few weeks for your interview. Once you get to that point your already approved (background check wise) and it's just a matter of the administrative processes catching up to till your issued your license.

Once you have the license your good to go. The agent will cover all the do's/do nots during the interview and this is when to ASK QUESTIONS.

A few things to be sure to know ahead of time:

is your location zoned for what you want to do?
Are you actually conducting business or is this just to be cool in front of your buddies? (you have to be a business owner for them to issue now a days.)
If your renting the property you may need to square something up with the property owner to show that you have their permission to operate this kind of business.


Join these interwebz sites catering to FFL stuff. Total waste of money as everything is provided to you by the BATF when your license arrives.

DO NOT listen to sea lawyers online or anywhere else. You'll receive a copy of ATF publication 5300.4 that explains everything and you get a CD. If you have a question, call the agency and write down in a journal the name of the agent you spoke with.


Keep careful and accurate documentation. This keeps you out of prison.

That's about it.

Good luck. Not hard, just be patient and diligent and you'll have it.
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