Favorite Deer Rifle

My long-term favorite is a Blaser K95 in 6.5x68R. Last one they made in that caliber. Basically a 6.5-06 or 6.5 PRC. Super accurate, lightweight, beautiful in looks and handling single shot.
My 1990 Rem 700 Classic 25-06 is my sentimental favorite. Just something about that gun with a 120g bullet that checks all the boxes for me. Flat shooting and laser accurate. A close second is my early 80s Winchester M70 XTR Fwt 257 Roberts. Simply a great looking gun that shoots well.
Started deer hunting in late 60s. Used 257 roberts and 250-300 back then
Worked up to 280, 30-06, and 280ai. My opinion is that many of us think we need a bigger gun than we really do.

Now using my 257 roberts with 7 twist 20 inch barrel on hogs and deer with great results. For bigger game back to 280rem or 280ai. And always using hammer bullets now