Favorite Deer Rifle

Looks excellent..Did you use a kit for this? I've been interested in doing one myself. I'm not sure what all finish work/tools are needed.
No, I bought a piece of wood and then got together all the other parts. It was the first one I built from scratch and it took A LOT of hours. Fortunately I had a friend that would look over my shoulder often to make sure I wasn't screwing up and to answer questions for me. Did it all with hand tools that were made by a buddy who is a custom knife maker by trade. He built a different style of rifle along with me, but never finished it completely. It works and he has hunted with it for 13 years, he just never completed all the finish work.
Sako L579 Forrester given to me by my uncle around 2000. He purchased it in early 60's as a .243 and shot the bbl out on woodchucks. Had Flaigs (anyone remember them?) put a new .243 bbl on it and I shot woodchucks for years with it. Once they leagalized rifles for deer here I put a new bbl on it in .338 federal and have been deer hunting ever since with it. Since put a custom stock on it along with Timney trigger. Tiny, light action, great looking with lots of history behind it. 200 gn hornadys work great on deer also!
Probably the 338 Federal most overlooked cartridge, and one of my favs in Armalite Gas gun.....Shots 185 lights out
to 600yds , which is my personal max range any calibre.
Remington 700 LSS in 243.


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So Gary, I asked you about the brand of your Custom Classic. ? If you have a couple of seconds, please let me know the brand, or the builder if its a full custom. the stock is excellent. Thank You, Lenny
Lenny, I'm sorry no disrespect intended, I guess I haven't been paying attention. LOL
It is a Cooper Custom Classic that was a pre-retirement gift to myself a few years ago. Special ordered through Lance at Hendershots, I just wanted to treat myself :p. It's basically the "regular" custom classic model that Cooper offered when they were in Montana except that I upgraded the wood another notch and added a checkered bolt knob.
I could have had it in basically any chambering, but I've always had a soft spot for the 30-06 knowing that there isn't much that it can't do with the right load, and it seems to be the perfect fit for an "old style classic looking rifle."

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