Favorite Deer Rifle

This may sound weird but I really do not have a favorite. I have discovered that just about any rifle can harvest deer effectively. In the last few years I have started grabbing rifles that I had never taken a deer with just to say that that rifle had taken a deer. My children thought I was crazy, because the first year I used an $80 pawnshop Spanish Mauser in 7x57. I restored it, refinished the wood, and shot a doe at 50yds open sights (I haven't shot it since lol). Then it was a Christiansen 6.5PRC, several different AR-15's in different chamberings, a Henry X in 44mag with subsonic cast bullets, a Remington 700 .308 with subs, and now we're off to find the next one.

I have several, so I wonder which it will be 🤔? Probably 8.6Blackout ;)
My favorite? 🤔 Might not be the best, but... I'd have to say my minty WWII 1942 Win 1894 .30 WCF has never failed me in the field on Whitetail hunts.
I have other rifles that are more accurate and shoot much, much farther in the sub-MOA range, but this one is dear to my heart, I've taken some very nice Whitetails with it. Just my 0.2 Cheers

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Great rifle, handy to carry, quick to mount, fast second shot. Considered kind of underpowered now, but didi well for years. I read of guy killing a charging grizzly with one, a quick brain shot.
Remington 700 .270


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My favorite is my 700 on 260 rem with a 26" hart barrel on it. It was my first rifle I bought a year before they opened up a rifle season for big game in my part of ny. Although it was a 243 back then. It's never missed or lost a deer. I did take 2 shots on 2 of them but neither of them actually needed the second one.