fast twist .22-250 long range varmint gun??


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Dec 11, 2008
Jacksonville NC
My current 12 twist .223 can cause its fair share of dirt naps at 300 yards with my hand loads. It's also a fine paper puncher at twice that distance. I now find myself wanting to get into the 800+ dirt nap club and the aformentioned rig just aint gonna do it.

I found a factory Savage model 12 in .22-250 with a 9 twist 26" barrel. This gun is in my price range and am hoping the .22-250 has the get up and go to let me ride the 75 grain amax all the way to the 800+ dirt nap club.

Am I looking at this right or should I be looking at .243 instead?
I would opt for the 6mm for those ranges. Better BC's and better wind bucking for varmint sized creatures. Still a long ways out though at 800+

6mmAI or 243 would be good choices. I would also consider something in the 6.5 range.
It would be a tossup between the 22-250 shootin 75 Amaxes and the 243 shootin 105 Amaxes @ 800 yards as far as wind but the 75 Amax will shoot flatter.....At least the way I have my two set up.
get the 243 and have it rechambered for the 243 Super rockchucker shooting the berger 95 grain VLD at 3450fps. My neighbor has this set up and kills groundhogs out to 1000yds. I got one myself but it wont stabilize the 95s (1-10) twist and i need a 1-9 :(
I have an 1/8 twist 22-25- that I shoot 80 grain serrias and have made hits at over 1300 yards. go for it...........
I have a Savage 1 in 9" 22-250 and I love it. I shoot 70 grain Berger VLDs in it and I can easily make consistent hits at longer range.

The load combo is a 70 gr Berger in a Win case with 36.5 grains of RL17 primed with CCI200s running just shy of 3400 fps. The gun is an absolute riot to shoot.
If driven hard enough a 9 twist 22-250 will shoot 80grn amax's (3200+) but it will shoot the 70grn bergers, 77grn sierras, 75grn amax's, and I think swift has a 75grn scII now, the new alliant varminter powder or 2000mr should push these over 3400 and the 80grners at 3250+.
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