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Red Neck

Nov 20, 2001
Austin TX United States of America
What is the farthes shot you have ever taken (Humanly) on an animal. My farthest shot was 748 on a Jack Rabbit,550 yards mule deer.

I hope that this post is apropriate Mr. Len Backus other forums do not seem to think so.
Thank you

On other posts here, the yardages have already been mentioned.

We took an elk in Colorado at 2100 yards.
A mule deer in his bed at 1500 yards
A crow at 740
2 or 3 wood chucks at 1450 and was told I hit one at 2100 yards. I didn't go and look for it as it was amost dark
Several elk and whitetail deer from 1000 yards to 1500 yards.

I have friends at the Williamsport 1000 yard club that shot their elk at 2890 yards using the same cartridge I use. The 338/416 Rigby Imp. That gun is pictured on "the Rolls Royce of Tables" posting.
If this pic makes it, you will see a view from inside our shooting building. It was taken today 1-7-02 and we just had 8" of snow. The front hal;f of the wall comes up and the closest shooting is 940 yards out to 2600 Yards back in that little notch. To the left we get 3000 yards of shooting.
Darryl Cassel


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Ground pig @ 392 yards with my first handloads in 243. It marked the start of an uncureable disease......
Prairie Dog 963 yards. Custom 22-250 with a "Darrly Barrel" (32" Kreiger)
JimR I feel your pain.. this disease only gets worse with time.....
I Got It Bad Really Really Bad
i need me one them long range guns
Many sleepless nights wanting to go play
in the flat lands of Oklahome

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Mule deer buck, first shot kill, 690 yards. Story is here.

Two archery deer, 38 yards each. Story is here.

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Moose, 640yds with Ruger 416wby and 400gn Swift. Several in the 350-450yd range with 338WM and 250X bullet. All were one shot kills except one with the 338WM, it went down at 350yds and got up, my brother hit it with his 338WM and finished it. Both shots were in the lungs only, so the second wasn't really necessary, the pack was just going to be farther if he ran.
Archery deer 42 paces. Furthest Archery groundhog (too dumb to duck) 60 paces. Prarie Dog 210 paces with Thompson Contender 223. Deer 220 paces with 30-06. But attempted a buck at around 500 last year with my 30 06. It stood there for 4 shots. I just ordered a 30-378, not sure of the scope yet, reading all that you folks have to offer and hopefully after this coming year of practice the buck will not have a chance to laugh at me next year.
whitetail buck last year at 500 meters.
7X57 shooting a 140 sierra PH at about 2800fps.
Dropped at MY shot, after my buddy with a 7 mag missed him a couple times.
If you have a laser to find the range, you don't need a laser to shoot with.

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You guys make me feel like a real amature!

My longest one-shot-kill was a nice antelope at 704 yards, using a .25-06 and Sierra 120 grain HPBT.

I was really proud of that, until I read about these one-mile shots!!
My best shot to date is 660 yards on a woodchuck. Killed it with my 22 CHeetah MK 1 pushing a 52gr berger bullet at 4280 FPS. Looking thru my Swarovski 6 to 24 X 50 scope.

I was hopefull a deer would step out this past season at the 750 yard mark, but no such luck. I killed my buck at 420 yards and my doe at 400 yards on a flat out run. Used my 300 win mag looking through my Schmidt & Bender 4 to 16 X 50 PM II scope.

My furthest successful shot on a deer was about 750 yards. I was a 1LT in the Army, and was running a 106mm recoilless rifle range at Camp A.P. Hill, VA. A doe had the bad luck of stepping out next to some APC hulls that were pre-ranged at 750 yards. I tried to "bark" her to get some usable meat, but she pretty much looked like she'd gone thru a giant food processor. My longest sporting rifle shot was only about 325 yards at a mule deer in 1994.
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