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It seems to me that just about every one on this forum reloads. Well, I don't (yet anyway) reload. I heard that with technology being what it is today ammo companys can make ammo as good if not better than hand loaders? Then why reload?
the ammo companies are certainly producing some good quality stuff...but, none that i have tested in my rifles get the degree of accuracy that my handloads get, and in almost every case, i get better velocity, sometimes far better w/ my own loads.

another reason i load is that my cost per shot is far cheaper, allowing me to shoot much more for the same money.

i also like that i can load whatever bullet in whatever weight i want. i'm not stuck shooting what the factory deems to be a good weight or bullet.
I'll agree that the factory loads can be as good a quality as some hand loaders produce. I'll even agree that some factory loads are better than what some hand loaders produce.

But the factories aren't gong to produce loads tailored to my needs, or what works best in my rifles. They are going to produce loads that will work fairly well in most rifles, and fit every production rifle.

Take a look around this site, or any shooting related site of your choice, and you will see many phrases such as "each rifle is it's own individual", or these loads work well in my rifle immv ( individual mileage may vary) Take a look at any of DC's posts when he mentions a load. He will tell you right there that these are accurate and safe loads in his rifles, use at your own risk.

That is because only handloaders can tailor make a load to perfectly fit an individual rifle, and make it shoot it's best. Factories want you to believe that 1 MOA is great, and you shouldn't expect to do better. If you happen to shoot half MOA, you have an exceptional rifle and must be a great shot.

I happen to view half MOA as a minimum line of acceptability.
I crank my share but have been told by very knowledgable people that the popularity of handloading is fading out. Hate to say this, but one survey showed only 5% of a very large sample of hunters did any handloading. Not with you guys for sure, but many factors in today's existence make it less poplular to the average shooter or hunter.

I could not enjoy my shooting without handloading, but most of the guys here are the exception as to how much we shoot.

Must also say that I am amazed at how Black Hills Ammo, Federal, Norma etc. can make boxcar loads of match ammo that shoots sub 1/2 minute month after month after month.

Just like encouraging new people to shoot and hunt, I guess we should also be trying to get more shooters into reloading. I am sure RCBS, Sierra, Speer, Hornady and a few other companies would agree.
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