SOLD/EXPIRED F.S.338 edge with nightforce(as seen on youtube)


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Aug 15, 2008
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I breking up the package I have the scope sold pending money.The gun is $1350. The nightforce rings and bases are $200. The dies bullets and brass are $80.

I am selling a 338 edge built of a remington action with a 30inch mcgowen (mcgowen built the rifle) precision barrel sendero taper with a defensive edge break. The trigger is crisp set around 2.5lbs,wyats extended box magazine with a green choate ultimate sniper stock. The DE break is awesome the gun has very little kick young kids can shoot it fine, it also kick up no dust when shooting prone. Barrel is slow to heat up.

The nightforce is a 5.5 -22 power NPR-2 set on nightforce 20MOA bases with nightforce rings with sunshade and lighted reticle. The gun and scope are a little over a year old. The gun has less than 100 rounds fired. I shoot the 300 SMK at 2850ish and they group consistently around .5moa. The gun is very acurate out to 1400yards as seen on youtube type in G@Jshooting or do a search for a 338 edge long range. My buddy and me shot out to 1 mile once with good acuracy but it was too dark for the camera we always said we would try it again but we never did. I have load data and drop charts that are part of the deal. I think you could have a lot of fun shooting to 1 mile and further I am kicking myself for not shooting it past 1 mile.

This is a very nice setup ready to take to the range or field for $3000 + shipping. If interested I would sell dies, 50 brass, 50 300SMK for $80. This setup is almost unfair inside 1200yards.

If interested I can send pictures by my cell phone to your cell please send me a pm with your #.If you have a question send me a pm or reply or call 970-216-2944

Thanks Gabe



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I just checked youtube, type in g&jshooting or G&Jshooting and it should be the first couple clips I didn't seen the 1400yard shot but I didn't look hard. It should give you an idea of the guns acuracy. Time of flight for the bullet at 1200 yards is 1.595 seconds and the bullets still going 2139fps which is faster than a modern inline black powder at the muzzle.

Thanks Gabe
Wow this is like the third edge for sale on here in last month. Just got mine last week or I would have considered it. Unfortunately I just bought dies too. How much for the 50 sierra mk bullets only?
I have shot this 338 Edge and have seen it in action, lets just say it is the funnest and one of the most accurate rifles I have ever seen. The rifle has always been taken care of and the Night Force is in brand new condition.
I have seen Gabe shoot a Five inch group at 1400 yards in 20 MPH cross winds off of a rolled up sleeping bag in the prone! You won't beat the Price on this rig. Hurry up and buy it before I do, I hate to see it go.

P.S. If you hunt with it make sure you are at least a 1000+ yards out or like he said it is not fair it's almost cheating.gun)
The dies are 338 ultramag rcbs dies they work good just don't bottom them out since the 338rum isn't as long as the 338edge. The brass is remington. I am not going to sell these until I sell the gun and the scope together I am not breaking anything up. I got to go sell some lion hounds but will check on my pm's latter to night.

Thanks Gabe
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Hey Gabe we spoke on the phone a week or two ago about your gun I'm still interested in it if you decide to sell without scope and rings.

After church but before the super bowl I will try to email some pictures so send me your email address if you haven't already.

Thanks Gabe

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