Eye Danger from lasers


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Below is an article about a commercial airline pilot suffering eye injury recently from a laser. Many people do not understnad how dangerous some lasers are especially the the surplus mlilitary rangefinders some people are using.

Not all lasers are eyesafe that is in particular the military ones which are not and extremely dangerous if improperly used. By the way, they were all illegally imported and sold in the US as a military lasers and rangefinder are specifically prohibited from sale to civilians and even law enforcement.

Also any glass, water or other shiny object will reflect the beam in unintended directions.

Just thought it might be interesting and good awareness for hunters to understand the implications of some of these devices.


Very good point. I actually has an international customer get a hold of me for Bushnell's phone number and email address. He bought a Holosight from us and his friend apparently burnt his eye when he was looking thru the sight. Be very careful with these type of items.
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