Extreme Outer Limits TV 2013 Preview

Looks great Bob. I always enjoy your episodes.
I always kinda wondered why you seem to use the 185 bergers and not something heavier out of your 300 ultra? Obviously it works though. Any insight?
A couple of things here. The 185's we used was is a test rifle we were working with, so it was not the norm for us. At the time we only had 1-12 twist bbl's on hand and needed some results immediately. Another thing is that the video footage is always about 1 year behind us. So it takes some time for things to catch up.

Currently in our 300's, we are using the 230 grain Hybrids and 210 grain VLD's and have been all year. I really like the performance we got out of the 185's, but our big Ultra cases with our throat design yield big performance gains with the heavier bullets.
I knew there must be reason to the madness. Have you guys gone through a barrel on the 300 rum yet? I had one and loved it but I was chasing the lands fairly quick. Thinking a 300 win mag next.
Thanks for your time and reply
No sir, we have not burned through one yet! We use only low BSC barrels, this gives us a bit longer barrel life.
Hey Bob are those barrels proprietary to the mcmillian rifles or could you share which barrel maker that might be? It sounds very interesting to me if they are working.
Schnieder maybe?
10-4, you are correct. Schneider makes the barrels Specifically for the McMillan EOL rifles.
Low-BSC: "bearing surface compression" in other words, barrels have lands and grooves, we use the term flats and lands. It is a different surface inside the barrel that impacts the bullets jacket differently. It seems to compress the bullets jacket more then groove it as the bullet passes through the barrel. This in the long term has proven two things for us. First, faster velocity potential. Second, potential extended barrel life due to less friction. Not to mention, that this type of rifling works well with softer or thinner jacketed bullets.

This is something that McMillan has used for a long time, proving to be a superior componet of there rifles.
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