Extended magazine box for browning A=bolt


In the front of the magazine there is the insert that is held in place by a small rivet. This insert extends .125 above the rim of the magazine. Does this insert assist in feeding? I notice in the picts supplied that there is no real ramp left after filing out for extra long loads.

After my load development I am loading at 3.617. .012 off the lands. If I was to file off the necessary metal I would be left with about .050 of the insert on the front.

Why not just remove the insert all together? It does not need any side to side support as the back half of the follower is centered and braced by both sides of the magazine.
You'll notice the insert extends down to the shoulder of each round. When recoil occurs it it this contact that keeps the round from jamming all the way forward and damaging the tip, so you do want to keep it.

BTW I find this design point one of the many design points in the Browning's that set them apart from many other rifle manufacturers.

Thank you very much for your responses and help. Good point. What if the front of the insert was eliminated and the sides were retained by some sort of weld or epoxy? Or maybe I will just make a new insert that eliminates the front and retains the ability to hold the shoulder in place.
This a good thread since I have a 325 wsm abolt white gold medallion I don't shoot due to recoil and plan on rebarreling to 6.5 prc and would need my mag to be a little longer than it currently is thanks for the idea
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