Experience with a 300. wsm


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Jan 31, 2010
Southern Ontario
I own a Remington model 700 BDL 7mm rem mag and a Remington model 742 woodsmaster 30-06 which im giving to my little brother for his birthday. I would like to replace the 30-06 with the 300. wsm and i found a brand new browning A-Bolt 300. wsm medallion for 500 dollars. Now thats a steal. I checked it out and everything its in mint condition, never fired a bullet, for 500 dollars. Anyone who likes browning nows there around 850-1100 dollars. I am really interested in the 300. wsm and plan to load it with 180 grain accubonds for moose, black bear and caribou and then use my 7mm rem mag shooting 140-150 and use it for whitetail, mule, antelope and caribou as well. I want to know your experience with it?
The 300 WSM is a great cartridge. My preferred load in it is RL17 pushing a 180 E-Tip at about 3190 which is a lot faster than any factory loads. The first year I had one, I took 3 antelope and a cow elk with it. And now my go to rifle is a 300 RUM. I think you'll be very happy with the 300 WSM.

No experience with the Browning but the WSM is great cartridge, I have used for dear ,elk, bear and a few less fortunate varmints. It is my main hunting rifle.
300 WSM is a great choice to add to the rifle scabbard. It is generally very forgiving and easy to load, inherently accurate, powerful cartridge, that packs in a compact, nice handling rifle that I find is a pleasure to shoot.

I like to use my 7RM with 180 Berger for deer, antelope and such. I like my 300 WSM with 190 Berger for elk and black bear. Each is just as capable as the other, I shoot them both to 1000yds regularly, and both typically produce about .75 moa @ 1000yds when the wind is nice. Of the two rifles the WSM is more consistent.

I have shot 5 or 6 elk with my 300 WSM using SST, accubond, and berger bullets. It has plenty of horsepower for big game at short or long range.

If you pick up that Browning in 300 WSM, chances are real good it will shoot to your satisfaction with minimal fuss. If you make the purchase, give us some range reports on how you are making out.
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