Exbal & Pocket PC Phones


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Apr 7, 2006
I'm considering buying either the HTC Ozone or HTC Touch Pro 2 phones from Verizon. I was wondering if any of you have had success running Exbal on either of those phones?

My Verizon/HTC XV6900 works great. Got an antelope and mule deer in WY last month using it, well at least for the deer the lope was only 180 yds ;-)
My son did the research on it but his didn't like taking a bath in the washing machine so he has an updated one that also has a built in level too. Not sure what model # is, I'm sure he will chime in here.
I'm his son, I've got the xv6950 now, it's the HTC Touch Diamond,. It runs exbal very well, unless you wash it or expose it to extreme heat or cold. I left my phone in the outer pocket and the screen froze while in WY last month...
I'm using the vx6900 too. Works very well except the screen scratches very easy. Put a protector on it first thing.

I run Ebal and a couple Excel based ballistic programs.
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